The voyage of the sailing vessel, Panacea, a 40' steel sloop started May 24, 2004. She is communicating these reports back to us via amateur radio and Winlink 2000. If you'd like to see her position go here,

May 23, 2004
May 25, 2004
May 26, 2004
May 27, 2004
May 29, 2004
May 30, 2004
May 31, 2004
June 4 - I received a voice mail from Rebecca today. She did not have good reception, however, she did say they were having trouble with the radio and was not able to send or receive any e-mails. However they were leaving the Dry Tortugas (?) on Friday and headed to Venice and hoped to be there some time late on Saturday. The most important part of this email is that they are doing good and are having a good time.
I will update you when I receive more information.
June 6, 2004
The final chapter. A combined page with a chronology of the events of the last few days.