S/V Panacea: May 27, 2004

Hi Friends! Thursday is a good day as we are all settled for a peaceful
evening. After spending 3 full days in the Gulf with no stopping, we
have tucked in to Venice, FL. We have the run the engine for 72 hours
and used 34 gallons of fuel. 1/2 gallon an hour, approx. 370 miles. Not
bad for a boat with this weight (I have my scrapping supplies).

We are tied up to a free public dock (18 hour limit) but the breeze is
GREAT and it is nice not to be steering. Timber was happy for land,
even though he has accommodated his personal hygiene
needs. Benny and I are looking forward to a complete night's sleep
without taking turns on the helm.

As soon as we got here, we called Benny's friends (Bill and Pam
Convery). Bill came over immediately, picked us up and we had lunch at
Sharky's. It was nice to be with friends.

Boat projects are never done so I have completed 3 additional windscoops
that force air down in the boat like an airforced fan. It is REALLY
wonderful! Benny has worked on the solar panels and is planning on
changing the oil, fuel filter, and the alternator. WE aren't happy with
the output of the alternator and since we have a spare, we are going to
see if this one does better.

We are not sure what we are doing tomorrow or where we are headed from
here. I hope everyone is able to check the ship tracker for reports.
WE have heard they are there and we have also heard they were not. The
address is in the original email and I do not have access to it right
this minute. Benny's call sign is KE4YYQ. I will try to locate the
website and resend it.

Will write more tomorrow. It is SO nice to be still and I am looking
forward to sleep.

Benny and Timber