S/V Panacea: May 29, 2004

Greetings everyone from the S/V Chugging Right Along aka S/V Panacea! We
are still heading south and have not decided at this point if we can
make the Dry Tortugas or we are just going to hit Key West and then

We left Venice on Friday morning after sleeping 10 hours straight. I
thought we would be the first boat out when I awoke (as I thought it was
about 6:30 AM)but when I stuck my head out of the hatch, all 5 other
boats on the dock were gone. We finished our few chores and were off by
9:30AM. Not the fastest turtle in the herd!

On Friday, we made 114 mile (which is great for our boat). We were
motorsailing at about 7.5 knots in about 15 mph winds. The seas were 3
- 4 so it was not flat but it wasn't miserable either. It is much like a
sedative to me as it puts me right out.

Several cool things...
Last night as the sun hit the water, we (think we)witnessed the Green
Flash that many sailors talk about. It happens when the sun is strong
(no cloud coverage) and just the instant the sun touches the water, it
flashes green. We saw this phenomenon.

As I took my watch last night (about 2 AM), I was sitting in the cockpit
steering and watching for other boat traffic, I thought Captain Bob had
sent out the ESPN reporters to film us as there were so many flashes
going off in the sky. Soon, I realized it was not the paparazzi but
shooting stars. They kept me entertained on my lonely night hours.

There seems to have been some sort of glitch in the Ship Tracker program
that I sent to you. Steve had located another site that was tracking us
and he was supposed to send everyone a link so I hope the updated
information got to you. I think the website crashed or something.

Watson Bayou Marina Friends: We have spoken to Daniel and Roxana, S/V
Chloe twice in the last two days. At 10:30 AM on Sat., they were
pulling in to Venice and staying at the Crow's Nest Marina. Mark and
Cathy (off of S/V Polaris on B dock) are with them. Jake (the puppy) is
also there and she is doing well. Roxana said their plan for today is
to sit by the pool and throw back a few long necks (in true Anghel

I also spoke to Steve and Shelly who are anchored out at Shell Island
this weekend. It is so nice to have HF radios and enough power to push
them and keep in communications. Cell phones are great but there aren't
many towers in the Gulf!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. I am sure
this one will me memorable for us.

Love to all,
Benny and Timber