S/V Panacea: May 25, 2004

Good day all! We are chugging along in the Gulf. We did a ship tracker
location yesterday and will do another one today when we send this. We are
84 miles (by the crow's path) from the marina. We have encountered
beautiful weather and light winds. We sailed all day yesterday and had
to crank up the Iron Jinny (engine) about 10:30PM last night. It is so
much easier to drive the boatthan sail but it still is more difficult
than a car as I have a tendency to oversteer and then have to compensate
for that. It is a little more straight and less of a zigzag than the
first trip.

We motorsailed through the night which is nice because I can play the
CDs to keep me entertained. Benny did most of the helm but I did
Relieve him twice for about 2 hours each time. I am trying to overcome
my sleepiness and anxiety about night sailing. I have very little
trouble with motion sickness. I am wearing my bands and when I feel
slightly queasy, my body just decides to nap. So, far no cookie tossing.

We have had our first hitchhikers. No they weren't Cubans on a wooden
raft but two birds about the size of wrens come out of no where and
perched along the life lines. They have flown all over and one is
currently in the cabin. Timber thought about catching
one for a lunch snack and then decided it was too much trouble.

Hope all is well with each of you, will write more later. Darby, thanks
for being the communicator. Lauryn, wash the dishes. Jonathan, cut the
grass and change Lauryn's oil!

Love to all,
Benny and Timber