S/V Panacea: 1st contact :May23, 2004

Hi All! I am typing this email from the comfort of our nav station at
the dock of Watson Bayou Marina. It is Sunday night and though we had
planned to leave today, it didn't happen. The main cause of delay was
me: the marina idiot. I left my purse on the bus (in Newnan) when I
turned it in on Friday night. We were almost to the boat before I
realized it. So, on Saturday, instead of packing and storing, I made
the 10 hour trip up and back to Newnan to retrieve the trip $, license,
ATM card, insurance card, etc. So, today we completed everything but it
was too late to leave. We are going to shower and get a good night's
sleep and head out in the morning.

We are going to try to check into the Ship Tracker in the morning. So,
maybe you can check later during the day or on Tuesday to see if it
worked. I sent the link in the email.

I would like to thank everyone for their love and support of this
adventure. Thank you for our little gifts: the S/V Panacea christening
plaque, the half gallon of Captain Morgan rum, the cruising guides, the
chart information, the sailboat lighthouse mug, the bag of munchies, and
the courage to follow our dreams. If I have forgotten to thank someone,
please forgive me.

I look forward to keeping in touch. Please remember we are doing this
over the HAM radio so I do not have access to Internet service.

Love to all,
Rebecca, Benny and Timber