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Sunday, July 24 2005

Mile 4469 Traveled today 219

We left Forks, WA early in the morning. Cool again today. It apparenly doesn't get hot up here in the northwest. We went a few miles down to the Hoh rain forest and wandered around the trails for a while. I really like this area for some reason. This is only one of two temperate rain forests in the world. I'm sure I'd hate it when it rains, but it is a serene place to spend time when it the weather is nice.

We are on highway 101 which is a twisty road along the coast of Washington and doesn't lend itself to making great time, hence the short distance travelled today. This part of the Olympic peninsula is pretty desolate. It's a long way between settlements and gas stations and I saw one station that had gas for $2.809. I think the max we paid today was $2.499.

A few weeks ago we were in Portsmouth, England (Devonshire, I think) and saw the "Ho" there, now we visited the "Hoh" in Washington. Sure glad Sue is tolerant of me visiting all those "Ho's".

By night time we found ourselves in Long Beach. No we didn't travel at warp 10 to California. We were in Long Beach, WA. This is a pleasant little beach community somewhat reminiscent of the east coast beaches of days past. It has a long boardwalk along the beach and inland a ways is the main road with the obligatory tourist traps selling all sorts of beach paraphernalia and food. Yes, even salt water taffy. We ate at a Mexican restaurant that was almost OK but not quite. The Dos XX were good.

Sue is getting quite tired of hills and curves. We're still in peaks, valleys and corners. She isn't hanging on quite as much as before, however. I think I may have worn her out.