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Saturday, July 24 2005

Mile 4250 Traveled today 70

You may notice that we aren't making good time these last couple of days. Ferries do take a lot of time. Each crossing was about 1.5 hours and it took a while to get in line and loaded. Plus today we had to get through US customs.

We met an interesting couple waiting for the ferry. He was a chief engineer on a ferry boat from another island. He was riding a Kawasaki 1100 (1972 model, I think). He and his wife were headed to the Olympic peninsula for a short vacation. We saw them again in Forks when we stopped for the night.

We decided to stop early today since it is a Saturday and we are sort of in a resort area. Probably a good thing. The motel we stayed in only had a couple of rooms left and it looked like the others in the area were full.