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Friday, July 22 2005

Mile 4180 Traveled today 153

Departed Abbottsford in a slight mist. First precip. we've had. By the time we traveled a few miles it became a full fledged rain so we had to stop and put on our foulies. Of course, by the time we'd ridden a few more miles (kilometers) it stopped but we had it on when we rolled up to the ferry at Lion's Bay. The clerk that took our money put us in lane one which was the lane for somewhere other than Nanaimo, where we were supposed to go. I waved frantically at one of the crew that was loading and I guess he figured out what I wanted so he loaded us last on the right ferry.

Arrived in Victoria BC. We went up to Butchart Gardens today. We were there about 12 years ago and not a lot has changed except the price. I would say that at $CDN 22 it's no longer worth it. The gardens are very nice and we took a lot of pictures of flowers that I won't bother you with but I probably won't ever return.

Tonight was one of our "eat in" nights. We stopped at a local groc and picked up some cheese, rolls, grapes, blueberries and found a local wine at the liquor store. We had a motel on top of a hill overlooking Cordova Bay and sat out on a hillside to eat our simple supper. It was delightful.

I think that folks from Ontario are related to Americans. In general, folks from Alberta and BC obeyed the "slower traffic use right lane" which is the rule of the land in both Canada and the US. The only cars I saw that hogged the left lane were from Ontario. In England they are very good at moving over to the slow lane as soon as they pass and I see in Canada they do the same, except for cars from Ontario. I find that rather civilized.