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Thursday, July 21 2005

Mile 4027 Traveled today 355

Nothing very exciting today. No wildlife spotted except a bald eagle which we didn't get a picture of. I did upload some of the newest pictures. If you flattened BC out you could have another continent. This is hillier than West Virginia. We spent the entire day going around corners, up hills and down hills. We stayed on highway 1 all the way to Abbotsford, BC, about an hour east of Vancouver. We'll ride into Vancouver and hope a ferry to Vancouver Island and on to Victoria.

We finally got back into the 90's. The temps have started out at a chilly 52 in the mornings and eventually getting into the 80's for the last few days. Today we hit 92 for a while. I was getting used to the cool weather.

A word of warning, don't bother eating at the Heartland in Cache Creek, BC. The prices reminded me of England and my meal of chicken strips was pretty bad. The barbecue sauce wasn't Kraft. It wasn't even that good. The strips weren't as good as McDonald's chicken nuggets.

So far my experience with internet service in Canada is poor. The last place I had a terrible time getting connected and transferring data. Today I'm having trouble again. I hope I get this uploaded.

Updated stats: the highest price for gas was in BC where we paid $US 3.04 per US gallon. ($CDN .979 per liter)

Prices vary wildly here. I've paid as little as $CDN .809 per liter.