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Wednesday, July 20 2005

Mile 3672 Traveled today 440

Woke up this morning and walked down to the dining room. We stayed at swift creek lodge, by the way. On the way back to the room, I saw what looked like a horse on the road. I could only see his hind quarters as we came around the corner and thought, "odd, the stables are no where near here and it is rather early for riders to be that far up the trail." Then he turned his head and I saw it was a moose. I didn't have my camera and as we approached he meandered up a trail into the woods. My first ever moose in the wild!

Rode long and hard today, 11 hours in the saddle. Didn't make great distance since it was mostly mountain riding. We rode up 89 into Canada. That turned into highway 2 in Alberta which we took into Calgary. I followed 2A which I thought would intersect 1 somewhere. 2A seemed to end somewhere or I lost it, because we were on McLoud Trail for a while until it ended. This was at a tee intersection so I turned left, thinking west was the way I wanted to go and got completely lost. I have no idea where we went but it took us an hour to get through Calgary. We did eventually cross highway 1 and I turned west. We rode through Banff, but I didn't pay the fee to visit the park so we didn't stop much. We did take a few pictures, but they are pretty much indistinguishable from the pictures in Glacier.

We rode into BC after crossing Rodger's Pass and stopped for the night at Revelstoke, BC.