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Tuesday, July 19 2005

Mile 3232 Traveled today 90

Arrived in Glacier National Park after a short drive. Decided to spend the day as a tourist. Last night I spotted a Virginia car sporting Campbell County tags. Since Sue was born and raised there, it peaked her interest. She couldn't stand it and called the couple this morning. Small world. The lady she spoke to lived in the same subdivision as, and was friends with one of Sue's cousins. They also went to the same church. That's not all. As we were riding up to Logan's pass in one of the Jammer Buses we got to talking to the couple seated behind us. She was from Virginia and lived in Williamsburg, where Sue went to college. Sue mentioned Lynchburg, where she and I met and the fellow from seat ahead of us said, "I used to work in Lynchburg for Babcock and Wilcox". So did I when I lived there. I wonder who we'll meet next? The red Jammer buses have an interesting history. These buses we purchased in the 1930's for use in Glacier, Yellowstone and one other park. They were built by White Motor Company and used in Glacier until sometime in the 90's. For a few years, they attempted to use vans but they were not received by the public very well, so with a couple of grants, one from Ford, they had the old buses refitted. They put the old bodies onto custom made E-350 Ford chassis with new Ford engines and automatic transmissions.