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Monday, July 18 2005

Mile 3142 Traveled today 473

We're in Choteau. We stopped a little early since I have no idea what kind of accommodations are available up the road near the park. It's probably 2 hours to the park from here. We traveled the most beautiful road of the trip today, highway 286 north of Helena. It is one of the most drop dead gorgeous scenes I've ever been exposed to. It appears to run along a high plateau with rocky crags to the west. The fields near the road are mostly lush grass with periods of rocky outcrops. No way one could ever capture it on a camera without a serious panoramic camera.

We are staying in the Stage Stop which seems to be the nicest motel in town. There are statues of dinosaurs in town so apparently there are fossils near here. I'm going to cut this short tonight since the motel doesn't have internet access but the local library does and I hope I can get there before it closes.

No pictures today.