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Monday, July 25 2005

Mile 4556 Traveled today 187

Sue is a great fan of the Lewis and Clark expedition so we had to stop at Arcadia, OR to see Fort Clatsop. This is where they spent the winter after achieving their goal of finding the Pacific ocean before staring back to St Louis.

Due to the frequent stops to take pictures, the slow speed of negotiating highway 101 south and the park visit, we didn't make great time again today.

We have arrived in a small resort area in OR called Yachats. We are staying at the Ocean Cove Inn. The owners Don and Brenda Hittle are ex Goldwing riders.

Just as a note, we've had a number of people complement us on the bike and trailer this trip. It seems to me more than ever in the past which is surprising since there are even more Goldwings on the road since the last time we were on the road.

I keep writing these notes in hopes that someday we might get back to civilized society and find an internet connection. Someone does need to get the Canadians and the pacific northwest into the 21st century.

The pictures from now on will be on