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July 10 2005

Mile 819 Traveled today 337 (from Rustburg)

Stayed in Salisbury, NC last night.

Got on the road about 0700. Trailer pulls just fine, but I found a problem. I hit something on the road that I didn't see. It made a terrible noise but everything kept on running so I didn't stop. Big mistake. I found that it had dislodged the power plug from the trailer and the trailer end was dangling and dragging. Oops. So much for about 1.5 pins. Guess who has that funny 6 pin, rectangular plug? No one that I can find.

Picked up Sue at about 1030 in Rustburg VA. Followed 501 N to 130 to 11 and I81 to I64 west. All was well until we hit the WVA turnpike. I decide to stop and give Sue some money so I wouldn't have to fish it out at the toll booths. Bad Idea ©. Sue was retrieving it when a big truck flashed by and sucked a $5 bill right out of her hands. Hence the $3 toll turned into a $8 toll. Oh well.

At the next fuel stop I realized that the hitch is too low with both of us on the bike. My first clue? One of the safety chains was missing a link and the other was chewed up. I thought I heard something rattling.

I wrapped the remaining chain up with a bungy cord and went on my way. I'll stop and replace the chains at the next hardware store. I figure if the trailer jacknifes and the chain wants to come taunt, a bungy won't stop it.

We arrived near Portsmouth OH about 1700. We decided to take 52 from Charleston to Cinci. We used to live near Cinci and always enjoyed riding along the river. They've improved 52 since we last rode it.