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July 11 2005

Mile 1437
Traveled today 627

Long day. Had a great trip along highway 52 into Cinci. Great weather all the way. Cool and partly cloudy with lots of scenery. Caught up with I-275 to I-74. Followed I-74 all the way to the Mississippi River. Did notice a strange occurrence near Peoria. There was a big sign that said I-74 was "closed at the ill river". Hope it isn't anything serious.

Caught up with I-80 at the Mississippi and followed it into Iowa City. Nothing spectacular today except the fact we traveled 627 miles in about 11 hours. That's probably a record for us. We are not iron butt riders. Neither my butt or knees can handle long distances so we try to limit our day to 8 or 9 hours if possible. The reason we are making time is our desire to outrun Dennis. I see on the telly that we probably didn't quite do it. Supposed to be showers in Iowa Tuesday and Wednesday.

We'll be traveling the short distance to Des Moines and plan on spending a few days. I may or may not have access to the net, so this may be our last post for a bit.

Stats for the trip:
Highest temp: 92 in North Carolina
Lowest temp: 62 in Ohio
Least expensive gas: $2.11 in South Carolina
Most expensive gas: $2.39 in Indiana and Illinois

I hope all are well in Dennis' path.