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July 9, 2005

Real Departure I got away about 1400 for good. I forgot my passport and had to return for it, but I wasn't really on the road, just picking up supplies. I arrived in Salisbury, NC about 1900.
I rode past a KFC on the way to the motel and the odor took me by the wheel and guided me in. Now normally I shy away from the Colonel's chicken for health reasons, 'cause they serve Pepsi (I don't like Diet Pepsi) and the service is usually horrid. But this day I just couldn't stand it any longer. Sure enough, the help was clueless as usual. There were about 10 people standing around when I placed my order. I ordered a 3 piece white meat meal. She charged me for a 3 piece dark meal. Oh well. I could see the pickin's were scarce. No extra crispy and a small tray of regular. Finally one of the girls picked up a bucket and started loading it. She got this puzzled lock on her face and turned to the fellow standing beside me and asked "Do you really need your legs?". The fellow quipped right back "Sure, unless you plan on carrying me out to my car". The place cracked up. All but the clueless little girl who stood there dumbfounded. I wonder if she ever caught on. She dropped that order and a lady that had been waiting for longer than I had been in there asked, "Are you out of pot pies too?". She said, no and then looked at the computer screen and said. "Oh!". She packed up the pot pies, handed them to the lady and the lady left. Just as she got to the door, she turned around and asked, "but where are my sides". Another "Oh!".
Finally she looked at me and said "what did you order?" I truthfully replied "white" not bothering to tell her the other girl screwed that up and besides, if they didn't have the other guy's legs, they wouldn't have mine and I was a bit tired of waiting around. I got my chicken but almost didn't get my sides, but at the last minutes she remembered them. I don't know if the guy was carried out to the car or not.
No time for pictures today.