This page is an attempt to make generating a Coast Guard approved waste management plan a bit easier. Simple fill in the blanks and press the submit button. A new window will appear with your customized waste management plan ready to print. Put a piece of fancy parchment paper in your printer for a very official looking document. I took this form directly from a Coast Guard site so I think it is pretty close to the real thing, but I don't guarantee that it will be accepted so use at your own risk Go here to see a sample plan I generated for my boat.


Vessel Name

1. This plan describes policy and procedures for handling this vessel's garbage according to MARPOL Annex V and 33 CFR Subparts 151.51 through 151.77. As Captain, I am responsible for carrying out this plan. All crewmembers and embarked persons shall follow the instructions in this plan. It is the general policy of this vessel that all food waste and
garbage will be retained on board for proper disposal ashore.

2. Waste for this vessel is collected (where) and stored (location). When moored, all waste will be carried from the vessel and disposed of (location of dumpster, etc.). Plastics and waste containing plastic materials will never be discharged into the water from this vessel regardless of location.

3. When sailing on inland waters or at sea within 12 nautical miles of land, no food, garbage or waste of any type will be discharged. When on an extended voyage, beyond 12 nautical miles from land, certain non-plastic and non-floating waste may be discharged if storage space is not available. In this case, all plastics (including foamed plastic) are to be
segregated from other wastes and stored on board for proper disposal ashore. Only those materials permitted for discharge according to the MARPOL Annex V placard may be discharged in the water. In no case will waste of any kind be discharged into the water without my prior inspection and explicit permission.

4. If you have any questions about this plan, waste handling procedures or materials that may be discharged, please consult me.

Captain Date


Fill in the blanks and press the Submit button. A page suitable for printing will be displayed.