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Thursday, August 4 2005

Mile 8128 Traveled today 134

No internet connections found for the rest of the trip. We are home and all is well, I think. The cats still recognize us, even though I think they probably thought we were gone forever.

After leaving Enid, we traveled mostly on back roads into Arkansas to stay in Hardy, AR. Then through MS, on to Anniston, AL last night.

The trip across the Ozarks was interesting, but it didn't hold a candle to the trips through the mountains of the west and Canada for sheer beauty. However it has it's own charm. Nothing much to take pictures of however.

It was a great trip but I'm ready to start again for new adventures. That will probably happen when we board the boat ( this fall.

Thanks to all who rode along and hope you enjoyed our summer tour.

In reviewing the web page, Sue has informed me I heard the name of the cricket wrong. It is a Mormon Cricket.

Stats: We burned about 240 gallons of fuel over 8128 miles for an average fuel consumption of 33.5 mph. Ciao, Jim and Sue

The pictures from now on will be on