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Saturday, July 30 2005

Mile 6735 Traveled today 435

We arrived in Raton, NM at about 630 PM. Long day. Against my better judgment we started at before 7 AM. We went south on 191, picked up 160 east, followed 64 through Taos, NM and into Raton. Sue went souvenir hunting at every wide spot in the road including Taos. Taos was a bust. Prices were 2 to 3 times higher for everything. She was pretty disappointed but did get a few trinkets a few miles down the road.

I'm going to make this one short because I have a lot of new pictures to upload and Sue is already asleep and I should be too.

We saw a buffalo in a field on the road east of Taos. We were so intrigued with it, we didn't realize there was a large herd of them on the other side of the road until we turned around to get on the bike and ride off. I won't have the buffalo pictures uploaded until later, however.

The pictures from now on will be on