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July 15 2005

Mile 1988 Traveled today 424

We spent a few days in Des Moines catching up with all the news about my aunts and cousins. Got to visit all the aunts and some of the cousins. I did invert the hitch and get new chain so the hitch problems are solved but haven't replaced the connector yet.

My cousin, Dave, is very active in the Des Moines Astronomy Club and was instrumental in building their observatory. One day he took Sue and I over to see it. Very impressive. It has two domes with large reflecting scopes in both. Outside are a number of concrete pads for use by the members in erecting their own scopes. Dave lectures at the observatory and at Drake University's observatory. Very impressive guy.

Other than visiting relatives, not much happened in Des Moines. I didn't take any pictures. I forgot my camera when we went to the observatory or I'd have some of those. Here are some I took today. We spotted a "scenic overlook" near the I-80 and I-29 intersection. After climbing it, I had to take pictures, but they aren't very impressive. I think they would have been better if it wasn't so hazy. So here are two of what I think might be the Missouri river in the distance.

We then went to Mitchell and visited the corn palace.

Sue wanted her picture taken with Zeke. I guess he is better looking than I am.

We stayed in a Comfort Inn: And we ate at Al's Oasis. Here are some shots of the "stuff" outside of the Oasis with the Missouri River in the background.

Updated stats. Highest temp is 93 in South Dakota. Interesting observation: The price of gas here and in Iowa for 89 octane is cheaper than 87 octane. I suspect that's 'cause 89 octane has ethanol in it. Jim.